Brewing quality tea since 2012

YOYO! Fresh Tea opened its doors in the spring of 2012 in the city center of Rotterdam. In eight months time, we were fortunate enough to open our second shop in Rotterdam. The idea has always been to bring a new experience of drinking tea to Rotterdam, and even The Netherlands.

With our vision to introduce a new meaning and a new experience to the saying “having a drink together”, we have created the YOYO! Fresh Tea Bar concept.

Back then, a completely new concept offering freshly brewed quality tea as a core ingredient for our bubble teas, milk teas and tea mocktails. Both hot or cold, we have it all.

Fast forward to now, YOYO! Fresh Tea Bar has become the market leader in The Netherlands and a commonly known concept with 14 shops (and counting...) throughout city centre A-locations in The Netherlands. With our ambitions to keep moving forward, we're sure that you will meet and find us wherever you go.

See you at the bar!


Packaging with the end in mind.

Packaging with the end in mind: aside from the re-usable cups, straws and tote bags, our regular cups are made from recycled plastic and is recyclable after use. We encourage the use of our re-usable cups by offering you a 10% discount whenever you re-fill the cup in one of our stores!

Just around the corner.

When we started, all of our ingredients were sourced in Asia. Nowadays, more than 70% of our ingredients are sourced from the Netherlands and Europe to reduce our CO2 footprint. We're not done yet though, we'll keep sourcing for ingredients nearby to achieve a 100% "around the corner" supply chain.

Going green.

We aim to solely use organic tea leaves within our concept. In order to maintain the same quality and flavours, we won't shock our customers with an overnight change, but we'll gradually change to organic tea leaves. The good news is that almost all of our tea leaves are organic already!

YOYO! operated stores

As a franchise organisation, we operate our own three shops. We believe that it is one of our strengths, to learn, experience and innovate in our own stores and implement and share these valuable experiences with our franchisees in order to keep moving forward as a whole.

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